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    Reliable solar power systems, delivered anywhere in the world.

SNI at Global Ministerial Environment Forum, 2012

Our Customers

Individuals. Reliable power for DC and AC loads, based on our SolarNexus power center for easy integration. Learn more...

Businesses and Institutions. Solar power is a viable option for missions, schools, eco-resorts and businesses. See our Case Studies...

Humanitarian Organizations, NGOs. We help NGOs, aid organizations and humanitarian groups bring the benefits of renewable energy to communities worldwide.Learn more...


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Solar Nexus International sells customized solar power systems for delivery and installation anywhere in the world.

Island Delivery

We sell to individuals, institutions, and non-governmental organizations, especially in remote locations and emerging markets. Whether you need a bulk order of low-power DC systems or a single industrial-size AC system, we can build a ready-to-install system and ship it to you, here in the United States or across the globe. Professional installation services are also available.

Big or small, all of our systems are built with the highest-quality components and are designed to give years of trouble-free service.


Complete Systems at Various Scales

Our SolarNexus integration hardware, system design and marketing approach provides simplified yet high-quality solutions for distributed electric power needs from the smallest household system up to village-scale micro-grids.

We work with you to understand your energy needs. Then, based on your anticipated consumption and on the amount of solar energy available in your area, we'll create a complete package including solar panels, racks, batteries, instructions, wiring diagrams, and most importantly, the pre-wired SolarNexus power center. The SolarNexus contains the inverters, charge controllers, circuit breakers, and other electronic components that convert solar energy into usable power. By pre-wiring the components in a rugged metal enclosure, we help streamline installation and improve the reliability and safety of the system.

Systems can be installed by do-it-yourselfers, local contractors, or you can hire our experienced international installation team to fly directly to your site and set up the system. We provide detailed installation instructions and a complete breakdown of all maintenance tasks to keep your system running well.


Building the Market Infrastructure:

Installer Training and Business Development

Solar energy education, installer training and customer support is an essential part of our business model. Our "Nexus Certified" training programs for solar dealers and installers in the developing world will help ensure installation quality and system longevity while developing market infrastructure and technical capacity for the solar electric industry in emerging markets worldwide.

Training will include technical topics such as solar electric system design, installation and operation as well as business management, finance and marketing. We are developing curriculum materials for a range of audiences, from rural African farmers to advanced system technicians.



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